Wire draw Hohner Automazione srl has specialized in the creation of wire systems to be combined with its encoders. The multiple applications that require the use of wire systems have stimulated the birth of different models. Hohner Automazione srl has been supplying its wire systems to the most varied industrial sectors for years.   Lenght […]


Hohner Automazione srl, has specialized in the construction of immersion encoders to be used in the presence of high external pressures. The encoders are designed to withstand up to 600bar of pressure (about 6000 meters deep in case of subsea applications). An accurate study on the dimensions, on the materials in the most extreme conditions […]

  The encoder signal converter was born from the need to have a versatile and very useful product to convert and manage incremental encoder signals. It is a universal interface that can be used as an encoder signal converter, as a signal splitter or as a switch between two signals. The HM210GV board was designed […]

Programmabile Incremental EncoderX-Pulse Hohner Automazione presented the new programmable X-Pulse encoder in 2015. It is an innovative encoder with a high technological content that offers a wide versatility and equipped with different programming modes. The programmable encoder offers the possibility of keeping a single encoder in stock which can be programmed according to your needs […]

Incremental and Aboslute encoder Encoder is a rotary transducer capable of proportionally converting the displacement made to its rotation shaft into an electrical signal. The electrical signal, incremental or absolute, is used by the acquisition system to quantify and control the movement of the moving parts. The encoder therefore acts as a measuring system for […]

encoder shielding

Incremental and Absolute Encoder Shielding Encoder shielding: In communication systems where information flowing through a cable needs to be protected from interference from other systems, the cable has itself to be equipped with a shield and has be appropriately connected so that good encoder shielding is obtained. In broad terms, the encoder cable shield must […]