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Incremental and Absolute Encoder Shielding Encoder shielding: In communication systems where information flowing through a cable needs to be protected from interference from other systems, the cable has itself to be equipped with a shield and has be appropriately connected so that good encoder shielding is obtained. In broad terms, the encoder cable shield must […]

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To obtain the desired accuracy, all the errors intrinsic to the system and the coupling with the measuring instrument must be carefully considered: this allows the right encoder resolution to be chosen and the most suitable precision ratio for the application to be obtained. Theoretically, a precision ratio value ranging from 2 to 10 is […]

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encoders: its importance in a system of measurement   One of the industrial sector’s main goals is the production of components of various shapes and sizes which are combined with each other, following very precise criteria and rules, so that necessary items in all sectors, such as the encoder, can be produced. To this end, […]