Incremental and absolute encoders for potentially explosive areas

The Hohner group is a world leader in the production of incremental and absolute ATEX encoders for Zone 0 and Zone 1.

Hohner has developed a deep knowledge of the Oil & Gas and Mining markets and of all those sectors where the use of encoders installed in potentially explosive areas is required. Over the years Hohner has created a wide range of products capable of meeting the needs of the market. We are able to propose customized solutions where necessary in agreement with our customers. Today we are able to offer a complete package of encoders for Zone 0 and Zone 1 in different types of mechanics.

Hohner production encoders comply with ATEX directives and are certified  IECEx , CSA , GHOST-CU.

The complete documentation of the ATEX encoders is available on the website and

Product line


A wide range of incremental and absolute models are available.

Incremental encoders up to 10,000 pulses. Absolute encoders with Parallel interface, SSI, 4-20mA




The Hohner group makes its expertise available to its customers to identify the most suitable product for the application. The quality and reliability of its products makes Hohner the ideal partner for all those operating in the Oil & Gas and Mining sector.

Choose Hohner as your partner for ATEX measurements.