Programmabile Incremental EncoderX-Pulse

Hohner Automazione presented the new programmable X-Pulse encoder in 2015. It is an innovative encoder with a high technological content that offers a wide versatility and equipped with different programming modes.

The programmable encoder offers the possibility of keeping a single encoder in stock which can be programmed according to your needs with a number of pulses ranging from 1 to 65536 pulses. Depending on the model chosen and the programming mode, it is possible to program different parameters in addition to the resolution.

Programming Mode:

  • USB
    • The programming software for Windows, very simple and intuitive, can be downloaded for free from the site

  • Buttons and Display
    • Very practical mode for those who work directly “in the field”. With two simple buttons and a display it is possible to program the main parameters of the encoder. Customizable graphic display
  • Bluetooth
    • With any Android smartphone it is possible to program the encoder thanks to the free App downloadable from the Hohner website. A few seconds to program / modify the encoder programming

Programmable X-Pulse encoder models:

Depending on the model, the following parameters can be programmed

  • Incremental encoder
    • PPR Encoder (–>2048 ; 1–> 10000 ; 1–>65536)
    • Dimension zero pulse
    • Position zero pulse
    • Sense of increase channels A and B
  • Double increnmental encoder incrementale (multiresolution)
    • PPR Encoder (–>2048 ; 1–> 10000 ; 1–>65536)
    • Dimension zero pulse
    • Sense of increase channels A and B
    • HAll simulation
  • CAM Version
    • 8 Way free programmable

The programmable X-Pulse encoder is available in solid shaft version or through and hollow shaft. Different shaft diameters and multiple mechanical attachments make the product very versatile.

The cam version allows you to freely program 8 channels with 0.25 ° or 0.044 ° resolution (360/8182). With this model it is possible to create numerous combinations:

  • 1 Encoder AB0+ Hall signals + 2  free outputs
  • 2 Encoder AB0 + 2 free outputs
  • 4 Encoder AB
  • 8 8 Way free programmable
  • …..

Universal Electronic

The X-Pulse encoder has been designed to offer universal electronics that can be powered from 5 to 28 volts. The output levels are TTL compatible. Powered at 5 Volt is like a TTL Line Driver encoder while from 8 to 28 Volt is like a classic Push Pull encoder. Complementary channels are always available.

n the USB version it is possible to program the level of the output signals: 5/28 Volt or 5 Volt fixed.


X-Pulse is therefore more than just a programmable encoder. Hohner Automazione srl has created a real entity capable of adapting to the different needs of the market, meeting the needs of even less experienced technicians. Ease of use, reliability and versatility are its winning points. The high resolution of the encoder starting pulses guarantee a good final precision.

X-Pulse has been designed in such a way as to allow it to be modified should there be specific customer requirements. Hohner Automazione srl is available to evaluate custom solutions even for limited quantities.