Hohner Automazione srl, has specialized in the construction of immersion encoders to be used in the presence of high external pressures. The encoders are designed to withstand up to 600bar of pressure (about 6000 meters deep in case of subsea applications).

An accurate study on the dimensions, on the materials in the most extreme conditions have made Hohner Automazione srl become a leader in the market of rotary position transducers for immersion.



Tested and certified products

Tests on the product were carried out with specific equipment designed and built in collaboration with the “Istituto Giordano” of Gatteo a Mare. Istituto Giordano carries out any leak tests on our behalf on individual productions commissioned by our customers. Alternatively, it is also possible to carry out tests at Hohner Automazione srl, using a special test equipment also made by the Giordano Institute.

The wide range of immersion encoders available allows to cover a wide range of needs. From the simplest versions of incremental type to those of absolute detection with the most common interfaces: SSI, 4-20mA, 0-10Volt, Parallel.


Furthermore, accessory electronics such as electronic tachometers, counters or other specific functions can be inserted inside the housing.


Custom connection

Hohner Automazione srl also offers the possibility to customize its products according to customer needs. In particular, the type of connector that is assembled is agreed with the customer and ranges from a different range of suppliers: McArtney; CRE; Seacon or others specific for marine applications.

The complete range of immersion encoders allow you to perform position or speed measurements even in extreme depth conditions. At the moment the range varies from models for use at 100 bar, 300 bar up to 600bar. All enclosures are made of AISI316L steel.

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