Wire draw

Hohner Automazione srl has specialized in the creation of wire systems to be combined with its encoders. The multiple applications that require the use of wire systems have stimulated the birth of different models. Hohner Automazione srl has been supplying its wire systems to the most varied industrial sectors for years.

Sistemi a filo


Lenght of wire draw

The EM series ranges in a measuring range from 0.5m to 20 meters. The wire system is a compensated steel return spring with wire sections from 0,61mm – 1,1mm -2mm.

Sistemi a filo

Greater lengths with 3mm diameter wires are available with the use of pneumatic motor. In these cases the lengths can reach up to 100 meters: CHM Series.


The structure of the EM wire system is made with very resistant materials and anodized and painted finishes. In case of heavy applications, models in 316L stainless steel are available

Electrical Interface

The EM series consists of a basic structure equipped with a winder with spring return on which it is possible to house any type of encoder. Therefore versions with incremental encoder and others with absolute signal are available. The most common interfaces are 4-20mA and SSI but it is also possible to house encoders with fieldbus. The complete range of encoders is available on the website www.encoder-hohner.com

Hohner Automazione srl realizes on request adaptations for encoder mounting of other manufacturers.

Safety brake as option

On EM models it is possible to request the installation of a safety brake. In the event of a cable break, rapid winding of the cable must be prevented from turning into a dangerous “whiplash effect”. The safety of people in the vicinity of the system would be seriously compromised. With the aid of the brake, it is possible to limit the rewinding speed of the cable following breakage. In this way the whole area increases the safety level.


The strength of Hohner Automazione srl is the ability to customize its products on customer request. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate together the most suitable solution for your application. Professionalism and competence will be at your disposal.

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